Bugs in a Rug


I saw this idea on Mel’s Desk, who happens to be hosting this week’s Flannel Friday Round-Up. The bugs can be counted, named, and identified. Then, as the children shut their eyes, a bug can be tucked behind the rug. When the children open their eyes they try to name the bug who is hiding under the rug.

Since I teach at an elementary school I have been making flannel sets this summer without the opportunity to test them (except to my own nine year old, who can gleefully play the role of a whole group of enthusiastic preschoolers.) Once school starts up again I’ll be able to report how it went with the kids.

With a couple edits (“ladybug” instead of “black bug” and “black fly” instead of “green fly.”) I am planning to try this poem with these bugs as well.

Little Black Bug

Little black bug,
Little black bug
Where have you been?
I’ve been under the rug,
Said little black bug.

Little green fly,
Little green fly,
Where have you been?
I’ve been way up high,
Said little green fly.

Little old mouse,
Little old mouse,
Where have you been?
I’ve been all through the house
Said little old mouse.
–Margaret Wise Brown

For more ideas check out the Flannel Friday website, their Pinterest board, and the Facebook group.


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