Flannel Friday: except if

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I am an elementary school teacher. I work four days a week, including, new to me this past September, planning and leading five story times every Friday for students ages 3-7.

I have gained so many ideas online this year, especially from the sites and members of Storytime Underground and Flannel Friday. I have always loved children’s books and reading to kids and this year I have added puppets and flannel board stories to the mix with happy results. This is my first time participating in Flannel Friday.

I came across the book except if by Jim Averbeck at a public library. The book starts with an the words, spanning several pages and accompanied by lovely, slight of hand illustrations, “An egg is not a baby bird but it will become one, except if it becomes a baby snake.” The story continues with this structure, repeating “except if” several times as it twists creatively though different possibilities, in the end circling back to another egg.

_MG_4187 - Edited

To create flannel pieces for this story I used photocopies of the book’s pages as templates. I added black to the back of the snake so I could hide the lizard behind it. I wish I had made the dinosaur a little bigger, I’ll just have to remember to use a bigger voice when it’s his turn on the board. To make the fossil I sketched the dinosaur using a marker on felt.

For more ideas check out the Flannel Friday website, their Pinterest board, and the Facebook group. This week’s roundup is at What Happens in Storytime.




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